Adverse Childhood Experience and Inter-Professional Working

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Adverse Childhood Experience
Inter-Professional Working
Our priority in this project is to develop basic and transversal, relevant and high quality competencies that will equip teachers, social workers, police and healthcare workers to collaborate and share best practice in recognizing and supporting children who experience adverse experiences in their lives. We aim to discover how we can achieve this effectively and intend to share the outcomes of the project. We will identify differences and similarities between transnational concepts in ACEs and investigate corresponding actions and procedures taken by different professions and countries, in order to identify best practice.
We aim to strengthen the profile of the teaching profession with skills, knowledge and understanding of the needs of children experiencing adverse experiences.
We aim to ensure that future generations of teachers will benefit from our findings and the training that we develop.
We hope to equip children for social inclusion, with skills, knowledge and competencies that will enable them to become effective within school and fulfilled adults in the future, enabled by the support and understanding from all the professionals that engage with them having acquired new insights and skills themselves through the training that develops through the project.
The development of effective protection measures and high quality child care is a complex activity that requires professionals in education, police, health and social work to collaborate effectively
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